Our awareness concept

So that you feel comfortable with us

To be aware means to be attentive and sensitive to problems. Awareness is a concept that deals with respectful behaviour towards each other and mutual support. It is about creating a space where everyone can feel comfortable and no discriminatory or harassing behaviour is tolerated.


We organise events for all people who like music and want to have a carefree and exuberant time together.
Everyone is welcome here!

Our aim is to create a safe place at our events, free of violence and discrimination, where everyone feels respected, comfortable and safe. Therefore, we do not tolerate any forms of racism, sexism, rejectionism, anti-Semitism, trans and queer hostility and all other forms of discrimination. We also require that the individual boundaries of each person are respected. In this context, only the person concerned decides when a boundary transgression begins and this perception is not questioned.


All visitors contribute to the observance of this attitude. Therefore, the following guidelines apply to us:

  • Any form of (sexualised) violence, discrimination and crossing of boundaries is strictly rejected! Persons who do not adhere to these guidelines will be excluded from the event. 
  • Each person sets their own boundaries individually. Please respect them! As a general rule: No always means no! And even more important: only yes means yes! 
  • Each person decides for him/herself when an assault begins and how to proceed after such an incident. Please accept this perception and do not question it. 
  • We do not accept the appropriation and instrumentalisation of cultural, religious and political symbols. Please show understanding, appreciation and respect for the original value of cultures as well as power relations that exist between cultures.

Once everyone is respectful, mindful and in solidarity with each other, all visitors can enjoy the event together. Please look out for each other and support each other when you notice that one person is uncomfortable.


If there is an incident of boundary crossing at one of our events, we are always available to help. If you observe an incident or are affected yourself, you can contact any team member. By asking "Is Luisa here?" you can draw attention to yourself unnoticed. Our team will then take care of you immediately so that you can get out of the situation. At the same time, you can also speak directly to our awareness team. You can recognise this by the inscription on the T-shirts. There is also a "safe space" where you can decide what to do after the incident, away from the other visitors. We will support you as long as you wish. Our awareness team is prepared to help you get to safety and take the next steps with you.

We are taking part in the "Luisa is here" campaign. This means that people who feel distressed or uncomfortable during the event can go up to any team member and ask "Is Luisa here?". This question can be used to express unnoticed that the person needs help. The team member then reacts immediately by helping the person out of the situation, taking them to the "safe space" and there, together with the awareness team, looking for solutions on how the person would like to be cared for in the best possible way after an incident.


We want everyone to feel comfortable when they are with us and to be able to enjoy the event according to their own needs. That is why we make a point of designing our venues to be as barrier-free as possible. We make sure that people with disabilities have short and uncomplicated routes to their seats. If a person needs assistance, the team members are always available. Aids of any kind (e.g. assistance dogs) are allowed at our events.


We stand for our position and make it known. To do this, we use both analogue and digital channels. At our events, posters with our awareness guidelines and the "Luisa is here" concept are displayed at the entrance. We also publish our principles on social media before the event. We want the visitors to be informed as best as possible about the support options and assistance available. Therefore, we mark the places as well as the people who contribute to safety and support.

Feedback and improvement

We want all visitors to feel comfortable with us, so we are grateful for any feedback we receive on awareness, accessibility and safety. If you notice anything that we can improve, please let us know.

Your opinions, assessments and experiences help us to make your time at our events even safer and better. Awareness is also included in our post-event visitor survey.

We look forward to your feedback

You have comments on our awareness concept? Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!
We look forward to your feedback.

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