General terms and conditions

  • Formation of the contract and contractual relations

    • The visitor and the NatFak-Festival e.V., hereinafter referred to as the organiser, become contractual partners with the purchase of the ticket for the NatFak Winter Ball, at the latest, however, upon entering the event grounds and the associated participation in the NatFak Winter Ball.

    • The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies, place of jurisdiction is Bonn.

  • Security checks & admission

    • Admission will only be granted on presentation of a valid admission ticket. The admission ticket can be presented digitally or printed out as long as the QR code is scannable.

    • If there is an obligation to personalise the ticket, this personalisation must take place before entering the event. The obligation to personalise the ticket will be pointed out when the ticket is purchased. If the ticket is not personalised, it is not valid and does not entitle the holder to enter the event.

    • The persons responsible for admission control and the security staff have the right to check the personal details of visitors if they have a personalised admission ticket. If a visitor does not agree to the check of his or her personal details, he or she must leave the event site.

    • There will be no general checks at the entrance. The security service commissioned by the organiser is instructed to carry out body and bag checks in the event of suspicious circumstances. Every visitor agrees to this control. If a visitor does not agree to the checks, he/she must leave the event premises.

    • The organiser reserves the right to refuse admission to the event for good cause or to expel persons from the site.
      Reasons for this include, but are not limited to:

      • obviously inhuman, racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise discriminatory clothing, flyers, flags, stickers or posters

      • carrying dangerous objects (e.g. weapons, pyrotechnics, flares, intoxicants and other dangerous objects).

      • The unauthorised carrying of sound and image recording devices (listed in detail under Recording Devices & Photos ).
        Accredited press representatives and groups of persons commissioned by the organiser may also carry the equipment listed under Recording Devices & Photos.

    • For persons who require supervision due to their mental or physical condition, the organiser does not assume any obligations to provide such supervision. Likewise, the organiser does not assume any supervisory obligations for underage visitors.

  • Cancellation, termination of the event, delay & change of programme

    • If an adjustment of the programme becomes necessary due to circumstances for which the organiser cannot be held responsible, this shall not result in any claims for damages. The organiser shall provide the contractually agreed services to the best of his knowledge and belief.

    • Changes to the stage programme will be announced by the organiser as soon as possible.

  • Prohibitions & domiciliary rights

    • The organiser and all persons commissioned by him to organise the event have domiciliary rights on the entire premises. This right shall be enforced and exercised by the appointed security service. The instructions of the security service and the organiser must be followed.

    • Commercial activities (sales, flyers, advertising) not approved by the organiser are strictly prohibited at the event.

    • The bringing of animals is prohibited. Climbing on stages and stage diving are also strictly prohibited.

    • If a visitor violates the aforementioned prohibitions or if a visitor endangers the orderly running of the event or the health of him/herself, other visitors, artists or employees of the organiser, he/she may be expelled from the event site.

  • Food & Beverages

    • Plastic bottles, canisters, glass containers of any kind, PET bottles, cans and/or other drinking containers as well as the bringing of one's own food/drinks or food and hard packaging are strictly prohibited.
      Water bottles and drinks for children are exempt from this prohibition.

    • The carrying of glass containers of any kind is prohibited.

    • The organiser may charge a deposit on cups used for serving drinks. This deposit will only be refunded if the cup is returned intact by the borrower or a person appointed by him/her.
      Only five cups per person may be returned at any one time.

    • Collecting deposit containers or cups is prohibited. In case of violation or suspicion, we reserve the right to confiscate cups without paying the deposit.

  • Recording devices & photos

    • Photography is only allowed with mobile phones with camera function and only for private use.

    • Visitors carrying cameras with zoom lenses, interchangeable lenses and/or video function as well as recording devices for images and/or sound (MP3/MP4 recorders, dictaphones, etc.) may be expelled from the event site.

      Recordingsand/or recordings made without the permission of the organiser are prohibited. In case of publication of such recordings, criminal and civil prosecution will follow.

  • Ear protection

    • The organiser recommends that visitors bring suitable ear protection. The organiser does not accept any claims for damages or liability as long as he does not act grossly negligent or intentionally.

  • Youth Protection Act

    • The Youth Protection Act applies to the entire event site. Anyone violating this law (e.g. by passing on alcohol to visitors under the age of 16) risks being reported to the police and may be expelled from the event site.

  • Liability

    • The organiser accepts no liability whatsoever for personal injury or damage to property caused by himself or others, as long as the organiser or his vicarious agents are not responsible for this intentionally or through gross negligence.

  • Rights of use

    • By entering the event, the visitor irrevocably agrees that the organiser or third parties accredited by the organiser may make image, sound and video recordings of him/her. The visitor grants the organiser the free, unrestricted, non-revocable, transferable right to use the media for advertising and/or reporting purposes.